No more talking

As technology has advanced, face-to-face communication has diminished. It’s almost as if we disconnect while we are connected to our technology.

These days you can download an app to have a meal delivered from your favorite restaurant to your front door or set up a date with a stranger miles away.

When people do go out on dates, half of the time their phones are surgically attached to their hands. It is the age of social media, but there should be a limit to how much time people spend on their smartphones.

In a way, it can decrease intimacy when it comes to dating and relationships because texting and emojis don’t hold as much passion as verbal communication. A person can act confident and nonchalant through the internet, but in person can be shy and off-putting.

People can also become socially isolated when it comes to being on social media. They might feel a strong connection between people online and have many internet friends but have few actual real-world acquaintances. 

Those with low self-esteem are most likely to be socially active online to gain confidence. Users post pictures of themselves on Instagram or Facebook hoping to earn likes to boost their ego.

Is technology to blame, or are we just lazy when it comes to being social? According to the nonprofit organization Obesity Action Coalition, technological advances have led to an inactive lifestyle, which can lead to an increase in child obesity.

Some will say that because of our advanced technology, we have more communication methods now than ever before. It is a great way to connect with family and friends who live far away, but it’s both a problem and advantage to our society.

The convenience is what drives people to use their phones more than anything else when it comes to communication. People need that face-to-face communication though to better our socialization skills.

Generally, social media is beneficial when used properly and with normal face-to-face interactions. Instead, people overuse and allow technology to negatively impact their lives, so it is easy to conclude that the negative impacts of social media exceed any benefits they may provide to society. Perhaps people should put their phone down for one day to remember what life was like a decade ago.

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