‘Fallen’ franchise falls with fans

From America’s hero to wanted fugitive.

Following the last two films in the Fallen series, which saw him saving the White House and London, actor Gerard Butler has come back to play Secret Service agent Mike Banning in the newest sequel, “Angel Has Fallen.” 

After saving America’s leader twice, the tables get turned on Banning when he mysteriously gets framed for trying to assassinate the president, played by Morgan Freeman. 

When brought into custody and about to be transported to prison, Banning gets kidnapped, yet finds a way to escape as well as gets an idea of who might be behind the setup.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere with authorities after him, Banning turns to an unlikely source who helps him clear his name as well as save the president.

With the film being out in theaters for two weeks, it took its place at the top of the box office during Labor day weekend, earning about $43 million. 

Despite the fact that the film delivered action-packed scenes as promised and did not fail to entertain, it was very predictable as you are able to see most of what was going to happen. 

Although this film does not keep you at the edge of your seat as the last two of the franchise might have, Butler and Freeman do not disappoint in giving a great performance in the action-packed film.

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