What do you think we should do to help the Amazon rainforest?

David Samiguel, mechanical engineering

“We could try to close it off to where it won’t keep spreading, maybe start off with small bits so it eventually won’t spread out.”

Kimberly Orellana, nursing

“If we all come together I think we can find a way to stop it. We can start a donation that can be used to send planes to drop water over it. A little goes a long way.”

Paul-Rene De Leon, nursing

“The best thing we could do is try to limit the fire. It has to burn out on its own but we could try to preserve what we can to work on replanting in the future.”

Maria Cortez, nursing

“Fires happen and they happen here too. We shouldn’t be there in the first place; we should leave it be, it has been fine this entire time.”

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