Stop the mask mandate madness

Let’s start by saying our Editorial Board is a collective of many views and ideals. We are a blend of many viewpoints from different walks of life. We are conservatives and liberals and independents. We are straight out of high school or 25 years removed. We are parents of teens and we are also looking at life with fresh young eyes. We are different and unique like so many of you.

As different as we are, we are still Americans who are all witnessing the potential decline of our once great nation, all because of a mask. 

Since this COVID-19 global crisis started, we’ve been going back and forth about the science and conspiracies and the effectiveness of mask wearing. We understand the concern over the spread of this virus but it has come to a point where common sense should be allowed to prevail.

How does a person wearing a cloth mask while riding a bicycle all alone at a park make any sense at all?

Our country is so divided over this issue that even our leaders can’t get on the same page about what is or is not the proper way to keep the people of our country safe. The red states are against mask mandates. The blue states are for mandates. It’s a constant back and forth between parties who seem to have no other real concern except to get votes. 

Clowns to the left, jokers to the right and many of us are stuck in the middle with a puzzled look on our faces as we wonder who to believe while others blindly follow our so-called leaders to slaughter. 

The real issue is not about who is right or wrong but about our leaders believing they can control the will of the citizens of the world, much less our country. 

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Since the beginning, the loudest argument is the violation of our individual rights and freedoms. It’s time for our leaders to realize that minds will not be changed no matter what the science says. Stupid is as stupid does and until stupid dies, stupid will continue to be stupid. So why are we wasting time and energy on trying to make stupid smart? 

As the debate continues, there has come a point where our economy could very well tank because of the continued mandates. When truck drivers decide to protest government mandates, it’s time to consider lifting these mandates before the already increasing price of goods decides to spike to levels we’ve never seen before. Food prices, gas prices, paper goods, medicines and every other thing that is delivered by truck — basically everything — could skyrocket and put us in desperation mode.

Let’s get on the same page and stop the mandates. Let those who refuse continue to refuse and those who comply continue to comply but allow both to do it on their own without the threat of fines or termination. 

Enough is enough. After all, to quote Democratic political consultant James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid.” 

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