Spooky vendors at Wild Wolf event

Wild Wolf shop owner Anthony Rivas hosted a Summer-ween event for horror lovers who celebrate Halloween all year-round on Aug. 19.

“We believe Corpus needs more events. There isn’t much to do here,” Rivas said. “We started a trial event in September of last year for our Grand Opening to let people know our location. This year we’re trying to bring more of the community with local horror vendors kind of like the Farmers Market but for horror fans.”

With the amount of positive feedback from last year, Rivas decided to stretch out the event before Halloween in October.

“We wanted to do this either monthly or annually. After the trial event last year, we got inspired,” he said.

With August being the end of summer, Rivas decided to call this event “Summer-ween,” a distinction horror fans would understand.

Despite the heat, patrons waited as a line formed to go inside Wild Wolf store. While in line fire performer Will Swallow presented his professionally trained skills as a Fire Manipulation.

The parking lot can hold a max of 22 vendors, and 18 were in attendance. Each vendor sold anything from baby horror decal onesies to hair accessories, stickers and iconic shirts, all horror themed, including a vendor selling home-made goods.

Oscar Wheat, owner of Art Life 85 and a returning vendor, said Halloween is his favorite holiday, adding that he ‘likes to get my spook on.”

“I got art prints, keychains, T-shirts and coasters, all horror based. I did very well, better than last year’s event,” Wheat.

Julia Patton, a first-time Summer-ween vendor who owns Mystic Pots, agreed to be part of the August Summer-ween event selling miniature handmade structures.

“This is the best event I’ve had this year so far. This was a good turnout,” Patton said of the approximately 400 people who attended.

Many attendees heard about the event either through Rivas, word of mouth or on social media. This event even helped bring awareness to the many shops throughout the Corpus Christi and South Texas area and united other small business owners who also enjoy Halloween.

Juan Garcia, manager and screen printer from Fast Custom Shirts, concurred they did just as good if not better than last year’s event having returning clientele.

“Last year’s event was also word of mouth. When people come to your spot, you make each sale personable. Make them feel welcome so they want to come back,” Garcia said.

Wheat agreed that the right people came out. He sold out of his horror-themed coasters.

Rivas plans one day to turn these events into a local Horror Convention inviting his wolfdog, Lia, who inspired the name of his shop, Wild Wolf.

Wild Wolf’s one-year anniversary event will be from 4-8 p.m. Sept. 17. The business hopes to host a Trunk or Treat for kids to hand out candy on Oct. 30.

Wild Wolf Halloween Store is located at 5417 S Staples St., Suite 101. For more information, call 361-480-9877.

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