Funtabulous entertainment

In the Sunrise Mall, the newest entertainment center features lazertag.

Andrew Wilson / Graphic Designer

Corpus Christi’s newest family entertainment center – opened on July 9 on the lower level of Sunrise Mall and offers different activities including, an indoor “ice-skating” rink, a laser maze, human foosball and bazooka ball.

Owner Raymond Rodriguez originally wanted to build an indoor wooden maze, but because of fire code restrictions turned his attention to building a laser maze. From there, he kept adding attractions to build the attraction up to what it is today.

Probably the biggest draw is the indoor ice-skating rink. It is not real ice, but a synthetic polymer similar to the surface of a cutting board. The skates used, however, are real hockey and figure skates.

Although the skating surface is a good size, the actual skating experience is not the same as the one on real ice. On this synthetic ice, it is harder to gain momentum and glide effortlessly.

In human foosball, players are strapped to a PVC pipe and slide across trying to kick the ball into the goal. The playing area is not expansive and the game is played with a real soccer ball increasing the potential for injury. Though advertised for all ages, the human foosball seems best suited for younger ones.

The same can be said for bazooka ball, a game similar to laser tag. With this game, however, the goal is not to shoot your opponents, but to shoot stationary targets on the opponent’s side of the wall with foam balls. Although there are barriers to hide behind and targets at various locations, there is no great challenge.

In the laser maze, the objective is pretty straightforward: reach the opposite wall of the fog-filled room and come back, avoiding the laser beams. For this activity, the difficulty range is adjusted from player to player by adjusting the number of lasers. The actual maze is so small that one player completed the task in five seconds.

Funtabulous also has a snack bar and play area for smaller children.

A $25 pass will give you admission to each of the activities once and a two-hour pass for ice-skating. Individually the activities are $6 and the ice- skating is 2 hours for $10.

Funtabulous is advertised for all ages, but because of the space limitations and the activities offered it is probably best suited for those 12 and under.

Andrew Wilson /  Graphic Designer

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