Spring 2024 Editors


Aubree Curran | acurran@foghornnews.com

Aubree is a Journalism student who has worked with the Foghorn News since Fall of 2023. Aubree formerly served as the publication’s Managing Editor before taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief at the start of the Spring 2024 semester.

As Editor-in-Chief she oversees the day-to-day management of the newspaper and serves as chair of the Editorial Board.

As a reporter, Aubree’s favorite thing to cover is primarily feature stories.

Managing Editor

Paul Farias | pfarias@foghornnews.com

Paul is a Journalism student who has been on the Foghorn’s staff since Fall of 2023, previously serving as the publication’s Sports Editor.

A long time devotee of all things music, Paul regularly covers local musicians and occasionally ventures into his old sports coverage as well.

Features Editor

Nemo Zamora | nzamora@foghornnews.com

Nehemiah (Nemo) is a Radio/Television student and a professional videographer as well as a Creative Associate at his local church. Coming up on his 2nd year with the Foghorn News, Nemo has worked in many capacities, ranging from photographer and photo editor to reporter and entertainment writer.

But this semester Nemo is stepping into a new position as the Features Editor where he will be interviewing students, conducting polls and filming social media content around campus.

Associate Editor

Marie “Lola” Ponce | lponce@foghornnews.com

Marie, but more commonly known as “Lola,” is a Journalism student and former freelancer who joined the Foghorn Newspaper in the Spring of 2023. Having served as Feature Editor, Lola now serves as the publication’s Associate Editor.

She formerly worked with Strange Rituals, a magazine based in the Texas Valley.

She is both a reporter and a photographer, covering human-interest and local community stories, focusing on the lived experience of people.

Sports Editor

Leila Ydrogo | lydrogo@foghornnews.com

Leila is a Public Relations/Advertising major, expected to graduate this May. She joined the Foghorn Fall of 2023 as a general reporter. As of Spring 2024 she serves as the publications Sports Editor.

While she enjoys sports, primarily baseball, she also enjoys writing about entertainment and keeps up with pop culture.

Multimedia Editor

Heather Medina | hmedina@foghornnews.com

Heather is a videographer and producer who has worked alongside the Foghorn for two years. As of Fall 2023, she officially joined the Foghorn staff as the publication’s Multimedia Editor.

As Multimedia Editor, she oversees and manages the publication’s audio/video branch, the Foghorn Newscast.

Heather also contributes to the print publication, producing an Entertainment column covering film and television.

Social Media Editor

Shaeleigh Mower | smower@foghornnews.com

Shaeleigh is a digital media student who started with the Foghorn as a general reporter in Fall 2023. As of the beginning of the spring semester she has been serving as the Social Media Editor.

As Social Media Editor, Shaleigh manages the Foghorn News social media accounts; sharing stories and building engagement with students and the community.

Photo Editor

Xander Tipton | xtipton@foghornnews.com

Xander Tipton is a photographer who has been on the Foghorn’s staff since Fall of 2023 serving as the publication’s Photo Editor. A role he has taken on into the Spring semester as well.

Xander is a long time devotee of things ranging from photography to editing. With a focus of highlighting subjects from the local community.

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