Bikers unite to battle breast cancer

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New organizations are rising throughout the country in optimism towards a more successful year of fighting against breast cancer. Bikers Battling Breast Cancer (BBBC) is a nonprofit organization that supports people with the treacherous disease. Founded in 2006 by Lisa Herman, her mission was to create a successful business in bringing awareness for women in distress. “We try and help those who can’t afford adequate help. Being struck with this tragedy only leads to a stronger desire of high expectations concerning their future”, said Jose Alonzo, rider for Bikers for Boobs an affiliation representing the same message and stories. One aspect of the organization is that they provide economic assistance towards women with breast cancer through financial support to make sure they’re able to continue paying their bills if they’ve lost their jobs.

Started in Atlanta, Georgia a variety of various organizations named Bikers4Boobs and Walkers4Boobs bring consciousness towards other members of the community, riders, walkers and survivors. Within May 2007, preregisters had begun and the first signature event raised over $13,000. Funds were distributed to local organizations around the area. Bikers Battling Breast Cancer (BBBC) had finally become a public charity by the end of 2007. During 2009, the board decided to take the funds raised throughout the year to help individuals by paying their everyday living expenses. Most of the achievements consist of funding over 40 mammograms, in anticipation of doubling that number ever year. A short line process and guideline were formed for assistance along with the board of directors expanding and adding new co-workers. BBBC has grown considerably and supplemented many events to their calendar becoming more in demand for support. Many of the small-owned organizations have all started through the inspiration of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. “Times have proven to be tough, so we appreciate our sponsors and supporters.” said Rachel Price, co-founder of Walkers4Boobs.


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