Celebrity makeup artist returns to Corpus Christi

Mackenzie Jauer models Megan Martinez's makeup.

Krystal Villarreal/Staff Writer

Megan Martinez, better known as a Chaos makeup artist, will be having her very first workshop February 25. The workshop will be local at a venue near Vanessa’s Bridal on Airline and Holly road.

Most workshops cost around $1,000 a ticket for just one day of lessons. However, Martinez’ workshop will run at $350 a ticket.

“I’ll be teaching sanitation, application, and how to get started as a makeup artist,” said Martinez. “I want my students to learn with hands on experience so I’m hoping to pair the students up together so they can practice a couple looks on each other.”

The $350 ticket includes two make up looks taught by Martinez, one natural/airbrush and one dramatic color/ basic application. Each student will receive a starter kit from one of Martinez’ sponsors, I-Candi Cosmetics, with loose pigment stacks, a shadow base, one bronzer and a full starter brush kit. Finished results will be photographed for use online or in print.

“By having this workshop, I’m hoping I can get more people in the Corpus Christi area started on their makeup artist career,” said Martinez, “I won’t be here forever and I want to be able to refer other local makeup artists to my clients.”

Martinez first started doing makeup when she was 15, but said it wasn’t something she decided she wanted to do, it just happened.

After being kicked out of her family home at 15, Martinez spent time “finding herself,” since she could finally be anything she wanted. However, Martinez had to spend much time dealing with the difficulty of finding work while staying in school.

“At first I was just doing it [makeup] for fun and used it as an outlet to express a lot of my feelings,” said Martinez. “I just kept up with it and luckily it worked out. It was basically like painting for me, except I got to use a 3D canvas.”

Martinez said her biggest inspiration is god. She said she recalls asking him for something to happen, whether it is a sign, or a new door opening to show her that she should stick to doing makeup.

“The more I grew into my faith, the more doors started opening for me,” said Martinez.

Working with local photographer, Dustin Ashcraft helped Martinez start her career.  Martinez and Ashcraft were two of the first people who helped begin the fashion industry in Corpus Christi.

“My family was totally against me doing this because the career I chose wasn’t steady income,” said Martinez. “They are very traditional, if you don’t go to school or become a doctor, or look a certain way, its wrong.”

The negative feedback only motivated Martinez to show and prove to people who doubted her that she is good at what she does.

“There was nothing like my work at the time,” said Martinez. “I just felt if God was real, then it could happen. I put my faith to the test and started walking with my eyes closed and letting him guide me.”

Since Martinez became more spiritual, a lot of things started happening in her favor. She had no contacts and no money, yet two local companies found her, I-Candi, and Bella Cosmetics. They both gave her two full kits of make up to help get her started.

“I’m so thankful for those two companies for helping me and also my current sponsors along with I-Candi which are SugarPill Cosmetics and Inaz Cosmetics,” said Martinez.

Martinez’ first gig was with artist Pitbull. She has since added Jay Leno, Kanye West, and the models from “America’s Top Model” to her list of professional clients.

According to Martinez, her passion for using color in most of her work sets her apart from many other artists who typically do natural work.

“I like working with Megan because she is more personable,” said professional model, Makenzie Jauer. “She’s very friendly and easy to talk to.”

February 25 will be Martinez’s first workshop. She will hold one A.M. class and one P.M. class. For more information look on Facebook for Chaos makeup artist workshop in cc.

Seating is limited, so those interested are encouraged to contact Martinez via Facebook or by email at contact@chaosmakeupartist.com before tickets sell out.

“If we reach our goal of 60 students, we will definitely be planning another workshop,” said Martinez. “I will be sharing all of my tips and tricks, which most artists don’t do, so I recommend everyone to go for a hands on experience at a good price.”

Martinez wants to give back to the community and will be donating a portion of the amount made from the event to the women and animal shelters in Corpus Christi.

“I would recommend students to attend this event,” said Del Mar student Margaret Edwards.

“Her work is so original but very professional as well.”

Once students learn the correct method for sanitation and application, there will be an opportunity for them to sign up for the Giving Back Team, a group of makeup artists who’ve attended the workshop.

Team members will visit charities such as women shelters and the American Cancer Society to apply makeup on the women at the facilities partaking in the event.

There is no current date yet but if all goes well Martinez plans for the group to travel around Texas and maybe, eventually, the world.


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