Crossing guard program still alive

Amilia Lazo, with 31 years service as a cross guard, directs traffic on a busy street

Dina Ruiz / Staff Writer

February 1was the set date that the City of Corpus Christi crossing guard program would cease to exist due to cuts made by the city council.  In it’s place the city hoped to input a volunteer program to take the place of the guards.

Since the announcement, concerned parents and faculty of CCISD and the city crossing guard program have voiced their disappointment with the intended volunteer program.

CCISD Board member, Tony Diaz was among one of the most outspoken citizens who rallied for the city council to continue to fund the program. According to Diaz the city will continue to fund the program for the remainder of the school year.

However, the program is still up for major changes for the 2012-2013 school year.

“They eliminated the program from all the districts except CCISD and one crossing guard for Flour Bluff. They’ve scaled it down from 68 crossing guards through out the city to 28,” said Diaz.

Diaz says the city plans on assigning volunteers and school employees to the posts that were formally held by the cut crossing guards. “In my opinion it’s a very bad and irresponsible action.  We don’t want to save a few bucks by putting our children at risk of getting hurt or possibly losing their lives. Public safety on public streets is a responsibility solely on the city and ultimately on the city council,” said Diaz.  “Only the CCPD have the jurisdiction and the authority to monitor, direct and control traffic on city streets. Not the sheriff, not the CCISD police or the constables. Only the CCPD.”

Diaz plans to call on the city council again for reconsideration on the issue since it is not a matter of money.  “They have plenty and plenty of money. The money is there. And if it’s not a matter of money then what justification do they have do they have for putting the lives of our children in jeopardy. “

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