Title Fight’s new EP full of emotion

Midori Allen / Distribution manager

Revelation Records released the newest EP by Title Fight, “Spring Songs,” on Nov. 12. “Spring Songs” continues right where “Floral Green” left off back in September 2012.

The opening song, “Blush,” has climatic opening guitar riffs and drums with the signature vocals and wails from bassist Ned Russin. It has the similar sound from their albums “Shed” and “Floral Green” in one song. It’s hard to not feel the emotions that the bassist’s vocals put into the song.

The end of “Blush” slowly drips into their second song, “Be a Toy.” Don’t let the upbeat tempo and fiery, lead of guitar pull away from the usual emotional lyrics that Title Fight always delivers. Lead guitarist Jamie Rhoden is featured in this song for vocals. Rhoden’s vocals have a distinct difference from Russin’s and convey a different set of emotions. Rhoden’s vocals act as their own instrument and set the deep, heartbreaking tone of the song with clashing the catchy guitar melody perfectly. This song is definitely not one that should be skipped.

The band’s third song, “Receiving Line,” has the classic soft guitar and drum intro that is heard from their “Floral Green” album. This song offers a soft and vulnerable side to Title Fight. It proves that Title Fight can range and change their style, yet still have the same sound that they are always known for. The soft lyrics go along with the sluggish sound of Rhoden’s vocals to support the tone and vulnerability of the song.

The band ends strong with the last and fourth song, “Hypnotize.” Again Title Fight proves that the upbeat sound of the guitar and drums clashes well with the monotone and hazy vocals that Rhoden provides. Although the last 30 seconds seem to end abruptly, it ends the EP strong and shows the path that Title Fight is going toward.

After just announcing their 10-year anniversary as a band, and having sold out shows at venues, it is hard to believe that this four-person band started out playing in the basements of Pennsylvania. “Spring Songs” is a four-track EP that proves that the band has come a long way, and can bring a mix of everything to the table.

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