Relax! Your lawnmower can do the hard work


This week, my friends, I’m going to try to simplify your life. You can thank me over drinks while we watch the new robot knock out the yardwork. If we have any money left for drinks, that is.

With the current surge in robotics technology, the act of physically doing things such as yardwork is becoming easier. The company, Lawnbotts, now offers an arsenal of robotic lawnmowers on its website, Although the concept of a self-propelled lawnmower is nothing new, these robotic lawnmowers truly are. They’re designed almost like the vacuum robot, Roomba, but the robot lawnmower is a better idea.

Each model is designed with specific sensors under it. These smart sensors are capable of detecting grass levels, moisture and anything else that may find itself in the blade‘s path. This means you don’t have to worry about your cat or dog getting nibbled to bits. The mower will turn when something is in the way. In the event that it starts to rain, no worries — the mower will put itself away and then return to mowing when the grass conditions are optimal. The sensors also help ensure your lawn keeps an even trim.

Each robot mower receives its charge from a lithium battery that lasts up to five hours or, if you have a bigger lawn, they have a model that can mow up to two acres and once it returns to its docking station, it begins recharging.

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LawnBotts’ fleet of robotic lawnmowers come in various sizes and styles for all your lawn care needs. They range from $1,799 to 4,999.

The mowers also come equipped with USB ports so you can update the product firmware on a regular basis. In addition, these high-tech mowers are Android- and IOS-compatible so you can control them via smartphone. They even have an optional SMS feature so you can receive alerts and notifications about your mower while you’re relaxing on the beach.

Depending on the model, Lawnbotts weigh between 28 and 40 pounds. So what about cost? Of course, it’s thousands. The smallest model of the group, the Lawnbott LB75DX, is the cheapest but can mow up to one-third of an acre of grass at a time for $1,799. This could be ideal for someone in Corpus Christi who has a town house or smaller yard. The beast of the bunch though is the Lawnbott LB300EL. This robotic mower is capable of cutting up to two acres. However, this one is going to cost you $4,999. But don’t let the cost of these robotic mowers scare you off from a relaxing day. The lawnbotts company is customer friendly and offers financing options as well as PayPal credit.

To help simplify things a little more, fingerprint security has become increasingly available over the years and big companies like Apple and Actuator Systems have been thriving off of it.

Actuator Systems is offering its newest product, the NextBolt NX5 Biometric Deadbolt. It’s cutting edge and, unlike 1989, there’s no need to go back to the future — it’s here now. The biometric deadbolt ensures users their home is safe. The 8-pin deadbolt can only open with your finger print and is capable of storing up to 99 fingerprints in total. The lock will fit into any current deadbolt location so there’s no need for additional drilling or the cost of having to purchase another door. This product is ideal for someone who has children (my daughter has lost her house key several times). The hardware is not bulky or tacky, and they offer satin nickel or polished brass for color options.

Another good feature is you can easily add or remove user fingerprints from it as you see fit so there’s no longer a need to copy extra keys to your home and then possibly have to worry later about changing your locks. The actual lock is powered by four AA batteries and the built-in memory keeps users from having to re-enter their information once the batteries have been replaced.

What’s the cost of keeping your home secure? Probably priceless, but you can pick up the new biometric deadbolt for $369.95.

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