Basketball participation not quite a slam dunk

Dominic Perez

All basketball fans should be rejoicing as we are truly in the thick of all things basketball — the NCAA Tournament is in its final stages, the NBA playoffs are right around the corner and 5-on-5 intramural basketball is here.

With all this basketball going on it’s troubling that there is another drop in participation for intramurals even with the gym floor finally being finished and being put to use. Last semester only 3-on-3 half-court games were allowed because of the semi-start of rebuilding the gym floor, but there was abundance of teams ready to play.

This semester only five full teams signed up, with team Run DMC being loaded with former high school talent with the likes of Tevin Battle from Bay City High School, Dale Perryman from Miller and Robert Irving from Carroll.

“It’s a lot different than street ball. Just playing with refs that are taking count of your fouls gives a good sense of organization, and playing with all these former high school players who know how to spread the ball around equally helps you know your role on the team,” said three-point champion Julian Vela, from team Run DMC.

Run DMC swept the early games of the tournament, which continued beyond press time.

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