DMC offers group therapy

Group therapy sessions are now being offered to Del Mar students.

The sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday and are open to any student who wants to participate.

According to Counselor Sarah Soto, group therapy can help students with anxiety, stress and depression.

“Group provides an opportunity for people to hear that they’re not alone,” Soto said. “Students can learn ways to process and handle situations.”

According to Rita Hernandez, lead counselor, the center has had 200 appointments since the semester began. The counselors each keep a 20 student case-load and when the there are no more spaces available for a private meeting, students can be put on a waitlist.

“Once we hit a waitlist students have the option to start a group while they wait for a private session,” Hernandez said. “Students do a 10-15 minute screening with a counselor to find out if group is a good fit for them.”

On average, eight to 10 students participate in the sessions.

“Students are welcome to observe the group to get an understanding of the discussion,” Hernandez said.

While group therapy is facilitated by a counselor, students can bring up topics they would like to discuss.

“I like to know there are people out there that are just like me,” said Elizabeth Salinas, a childhood education major. She feels that group therapy can be helpful for students.

Although Salinas has not participated in the group sessions, she likes the idea of having someone who can relate to what she is going through.

Soto said counseling can benefit everyone.

“I received a lot of help from counseling and therapy and it was pretty life changing,” Soto said. “My goal is to share that with others.”

For more information about group therapy and other services, email the Counseling Center at


For more information about group therapy and other services, email the Counseling Center at

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