One story done another one begins

Brittany Claramunt


I knew I always wanted to go to college after high school. But when I graduated I didn’t feel ready to leave and be on my own. Taking AP and honors classes all four years of high school prepared me for the workload of college but personally and mentally it did not.

When I first came to Del Mar I was not expecting to be so involved. I thought about not doing anything my first semester so I could get use to being a college student. But that really went out the window.

Aside from doing speech and debate in high school, I was really involved with journalism. After helping with the high school newspaper and being editor-in-chief of the yearbook, I felt nervous about joining the Foghorn News. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend, Lennon Mendiola, motivating me to join I think I still would have been doubting my writing and storytelling abilities.

The Vocal Vikings gave me the opportunity to travel every other weekend to compete in speech and debate. It was mentally and physically draining but I got to meet amazing people from around the country who have become my friends.

The idea on not getting involved was quickly overshadowed by joining clubs, organizations and being able to be an anchor for Del Mar Now Update.

In my two years at Del Mar I never thought I was going to gain a list of accolades. One that shines the most is being inducted into the Hall of Fame because I etched myself into Del Mar’s history.

With everything I’ve done on campus or out in the community, I always came back to the Foghorn News. I have a love for telling stories, especially students’ stories. Like the journalism room in high school, the Foghorn newsroom was always the place I would feel comfortable.

I came from being nervous and scared to being accomplished and then some. I was not working for the awards or recognition; it was just my natural work ethic. I’m proud to have been able to study at Del Mar and gain confidence in myself in things that I didn’t feel ready for when I graduated high school.

I will miss Del Mar and everything I’ve done. UTRGV better get ready for me because that confidence will come with me.

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