New GIS camp gets girls involved

Del Mar College’s GIS program will fly into summer with activities and courses that will grab student’s attention.

GIS instructor J.J. Nelson said Del Mar will be offering summer courses for the GIS/UAS including a GUAS 2071 continuing education course where students and staff can earn their FAA Part 107 license. Classes are set to begin at the end of May and run through July, and once finished students can take their 107 license test at the computer-aided training facility in Aransas Pass airport.

“That’s the driving deal is to get students and staff to get their license,” Nelson said. Students can also use flight simulators in the GIS lab to practice flying and prepare for getting their 107 license.

Nelson also added that there will be a fee to pay for the course for under $100 and offers a special deal if you pass the course.

“If they pass with a B or better, they can pay a fee and convert it to a college credit if they choose,” he stated. Nelson encouraged anyone interested in the course to contact him at

Del Mar College West Campus will also be hosting a new GIS camp known as “Summer Coding for GIRLZ” starting July 23. Camp director Dara Betz helped puts together the five-day camp aimed toward teaching activities associated with GIS and STEM to girls in sixth through eighth grade.

“Our hope is to spark an interest to engage in more activities and consider these programs as a valuable career option,” Betz said.

Betz added that the camp is also to help girls gain confidence in STEM-related field that are mostly male dominated.

“We want them to acknowledge their own talents and not be feared by the stigma,” she said.

The camp will have an ultimate coding team challenge where the campers are grouped into teams and work together throughout the week to compete in three activities on the last day.

“We’re going to have a robotics obstacle course and that’s going to test their precision ability,” Betz added. Drone racing and geocaching activities will also be featured, Betz said.

Summer Coding for GIRLZ summer camp will begin at a time yet to be determined on July 23-27 at West Campus. The location on campus had not been set at press time, but admission and participation in the event is free. For more information, contact Betz at

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