Makeup artist teaches blood, gore

Professional makeup artist Ava Gibbs-Kamaria visited Del Mar to teach a makeup class and critique students’ zombie effects makeup. The zombie gore workshop was held on Tuesday, Oct. 30 in the Bartlett Theatre.

She gave a multitude of advice to the students and shared much of what she has learned while working on movies, television and theater sets. Gibbs-Kamaria has worked with special effects since 1965 in Dallas. She’s worked on musicals including “Les Miserables,” “The Lion King,” “The King and I,” “White Christmas” and more.

In 2012 and 2013 Gibbs-Kamaria was selected to conduct a presentation on Theatrical Makeup for African-Americans at the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts conference.

Following the presentation, students in the drama program put their skills to work. They applied makeup and were critiqued on presentation. After the critique the zombies took a walk across campus — very slowly.


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