Cheaters never win – especially at love

One of my best friends, “Nicole,” has never had the best luck with guys.

Her recent knight-in-basic-armor, “Isaac,” seemed like a great contender, until he started to talk to someone else while dating Nicole.

Nicole told him it was fine he was talking to someone else. She didn’t mind just hanging out and hooking up.

This other girl, “Priscilla,” lived in a different state up north. Isaac bought her a bus ticket to come down and visit him. She was only supposed to stay a week, but she ended up living here for half a year.

Nicole was annoyed, but she wanted to look like the cool, aloof girl who didn’t mind if she was runner-up. She also had instant hatred for Priscilla because she didn’t understand why Isaac would want her over Nicole.

She tried to befriend Priscilla to make Isaac happy, but every time they would hang out Priscilla would distance herself. Priscilla only liked to stay at home and do whatever Isaac wanted to do. She was very dependent and anti-social.

Isaac loved that about her. She was the opposite of Nicole. He was able to do whatever he wanted to do without any repercussions because Priscilla just wanted to make sure he was happy.

With that realization, Isaac decided to be a chauvinistic pig and sleep with Nicole without Priscilla knowing.

Unfortunately, Nicole did not mind that she was the other woman. In her head, she was getting revenge on Priscilla for taking her man.

I couldn’t help but wonder: If you know someone is in a relationship, why would you decide to sleep with them?

According to an article from Elite Daily, it’s not just the other person’s fault, it’s the one in the relationship who decided to cheat as well.

Sometimes they won’t even tell their one-night stand they are in a relationship, but there are those rare occurrences the other person knows and doesn’t care.

While it may be for the adrenaline rush or the quick sexual satisfaction, cheating hurts everyone in the process.

Nicole stopped having sex with him – for two months, and then went back to sleeping with him when Priscilla had to go back home for a few weeks.

During that time though, she stayed with him and realized he’s not what she wants. Yes, the sex was great, but he was immature.

Isaac was used to Priscilla’s docile behavior. Nicole didn’t want to watch Isaac play video games or wait at home while he was out doing whatever he wanted to.

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