Volleyball heads toward championship

Del Mar’s intramural volleyball league will hold its championship game Sept. 26. 

The teams leading into the finals are Swaggy G and Ball Busters, with a close tie in the win-lose ratio, with Hurricane Dorian following closely behind.

The Free Agents are students who registered solo and were placed onto a team. They will not be in the running for the championship, but will be able to play in games leading up to it and rotated in for other teams.

“We had about 30 people come out, so it’s been a pretty good turn out so far” said Kristy Urbick, intramural director.

Swaggy G served up a win for the first game of the season. The game consisted of three sets. The team to win two of the three sets took the match.

Set 1 of the match had Swaggy G keeping the lead against Dorian with a 1-2 point difference. Swaggy G ended with a victory of 25 to 22 for the first set. Set 2 of the match began with Hurricane Dorian taking the first lead. Midway through the game, Swaggy G fought for the lead and came out on top. Ultimately, Swaggy G won the second set of the match, 25-21.

Tatiana Estanislao, a nursing major, helped take the win for Swaggy G, but it was also a personal win for her health.

“It’s a big stress relief from class. … It was something to get me off my butt and be active” Estanislao said.

Four teams competed on Sept. 17: Swaggy G, Hurricane Dorian, Ball Busters and the Free Agents.

Ball Busters competed against Hurricane Dorian on one court. Swaggy G and the Free Agents competed on the other. 

Set 1 ended with Ball Busters taking a big lead over Hurricane Dorian with a 25 to 13 score. Set 1 on the other court had Swaggy G take the win over the Free Agents, 25-12. 

Set 2 was a back-and-forth game between Ball Busters and Hurricane Dorian with two tied scores throughout the game. Ball Busters picked up the slack and ended with a 25 to 17 win. Ball Busters won both sets, walking away with the win against Hurricane Dorian.

Set 2 had Swaggy G on top for majority of game. Swaggy G came out on top for Set 2 with a final score of 25-22, taking the win for the match.

Nate Allen, an engineering major, assisted in bringing a win for the Ball Busters and gave credit to another team player, Meagan Cantu.

“Meagan had a lot of the coaching ability,” Allen said. “She had a good rotation set up and I think that’s what got us clicking.”

The four teams competed again Sept 19.

Swaggy G served up a victory against the Ball Busters for both sets. The teams played two sets, ending with a 25-20 final score for Set 1 and 25-21 for Set 2. Swaggy G added this win to their standings. This put the team at a 4:1 ratio.

Hurricane Dorian battled out against the Free Agents on the other court. This match ended after three sets. The first set ended with a win for the Free Agents, 25-22. Set 2 ended with a win for Hurricane Dorian, 25-18. Set 3 determined the tie-breaker for both teams. Hurricane Dorian came out with a 15-6 final score, taking a win for the match.

Sept. 24 is the last day teams can compete to finalize their standings before the top two teams compete for the championship on Sept. 26. 

Tatiana Estanislao, nursing major, attempts to block Todd Torres, kinesiology major, spike.
Meagan Cantu (middle), kinesiology major, waits to bump the volleyball.
Sal Valerio, liberal arts major, bumps the ball during a volleyball game in the gym.
Carter Wiggins, business major, puts his head in the game during the volleyball match.

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