Have faith, trust and don’t give up

My time with the Foghorn News has come to an end. It was a learning experience working for this publication.

There were many challenges that I faced from dealing with pushing myself to being more out there to learning what is more important. I have my very own experience here at Del Mar College that I will never forget, and I want to leave with encouragement.

But first, I want to thank my advisers Robert Muilenberg, for being the goofy person that he is and making this experience enjoyable and teaching me everything that I need to know, along with Scott Beckett.

I am very grateful to have been able to get to know a lot of people through this experience and I will forever cherish every moment with John Oliva, Annalisa Perales and of course Charlie Blalock. 

For those that don’t know me, I am a worship leader at my home church in Rockport, the Rock Church. There, I minister to people through music. God uses my voice and myself to minister to people, even when I am personally going through things.

I have started an adulting column with the Foghorn where I simply encourage and give advice to college students, specifically through my own experiences and others. I also had a faith column that I have struggled with as I was honestly dealing with my own problems with having faith. 

Everyone has their own life with different obstacles, and we are not alone in this journey. It’s exhausting working and going to school. It’s exhausting going through life while going to college. As college students, most of us are working one or two jobs.

We could be parents that have sacrificed for their children and are finally going to get that degree to better support our families. We could be someone that is dealing with having to provide for themselves and struggle with being able to even afford college, even if you are living with your parents. 

I want to encourage you (whoever is out there wanting to give up) to keep going and don’t stop going forward. Perhaps a little break won’t hurt, but don’t lose the determination of achieving your goals. Sometimes, it is OK to rest.

College can be really exhausting and drowning to who you are as a person. Don’t let college affect who you are as a person negatively. If you feel like it is affecting your life that way, take a break because continuing with that mind set will only destroy your joy of achieving your goals. 

It has been a constant battle between having faith and trusting in God, but I have always held on to that tiny little fire that kept me from giving up completely. I still worshiped God in my own little way.

Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to rest or when things don’t happen the way that you want it to or when you want it to. God has all the plans for us. God knows who we are and where we are going, we must trust and have faith in that. 

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