Do you plan on transferring after Del Mar? If so where?

Alexander Hanna, english

Once I finish my basics I will see if I can transfer somewhere else. I am still exploring my options.

Madison Gotcher, sound recording technology

I actually came from TAMUCC and then I came to Del Mar. I plan on going back to TAMUCC.

Ashley Pena, studio design

I plan on transferring to TAMUCC. It’s the closest and they have really good design schools.

Arenya Garcia, studio art

I’m transferring to George Washington University. That’s the best place for museum studies and internships.

Ethan Miller, paramedical studies

No, y’all have the best programs for my major. After Del Mar I will move up and go work at a hospital in Dallas.

Eli Dominguez, radio and television/communications

I think about transferring sometimes. Is it worth getting an associate degree here? So, maybe Texas State or TAMUCC.

Jaspar Droddy, mechanical engineering

I’m going into the Marines after this semester.

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