Make a splash, keep trash off the beach

Spring break in South Texas is known for three things: beaches, booze and barrels of trash. Sadly, the trash doesn’t always end up in the trash cans. 

According to an article from Corpus Christi Caller-Times, the amount of trash during spring break 2019 reached up to 30 tons and the waste service increased to seven days a week. 

Beaches on the coast load up with piles of beer cans and Styrofoam cups that eventually end up in our oceans. Certain waste practices are harmful to wildlife and humans. Protecting the beaches is up to the individuals on the beach.

Trash cans are placed throughout all local beaches. Take advantage of the extra cans and throw away your empty containers. Better yet, take a trash bag and discard each can when finished, then throw away the whole bag at the end of the day. If you’re just a bystander, maybe pick up the beer can you just saw the drunk pedestrian throw on the ground. 

Protect the local wildlife in the area from harsh chemicals and litter around the beaches. Sea creatures can be affected by the litter that accumulates over the week. Don’t pour out old beer or other liquids into the water. Properly dispose of them into a nearby waste bin. Another big trash tip is to cut the six-pack rings after you finish the cans and throw them in the garbage. Try not to use straws while on the beach, as they become a hazard if not disposed of correctly and are harmful to dolphins and turtles.

Bonfires on the beach are allowed and a great gathering time for families. Make sure to only burn natural wood. Any nails from pallets can injure pedestrians and pets. The same goes for glass containers. We all like to be barefoot on the beach so keep it safe on the sand.

Many spring breakers are tourists who may not know how much locals care about the coast. It is important to keep up the safety and health standards that provide our community beaches with proper care. Remember, spring break lasts a week. These beaches can last a lifetime. 

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