Breaking up is really hard to do

One of my friends, “Grant,” recently asked me if I ever missed being single.

Of course, I said no, but I immediately asked him if he was thinking about breaking up with his boyfriend, “Jack.”

Grant confirmed my suspicions and said he’s been feeling suffocated and wanting space. He said he catches himself looking at other guys and feels guilty. Grant said he doesn’t even know if he would resist an opportunity if a guy presented one to him.

He went on to say that since he’s Jack’s first relationship, and sexual partner, he feels that Jack has been glued to his hip 24/7 for the entire year they’ve been together.

I asked Grant if he has tried telling Jack how he’s feeling, and he said he did, but Jack just blew it off and changed the subject.

He said he didn’t want to keep stringing Jack along, but he didn’t want to lose his best friend either.

The next day he told me he broke up with Jack, but he wasn’t sure if he did it in a nice way since they were both in tears.

I couldn’t help but wonder: What’s the nicest way to break up with someone?

According to Time, you need to tell the truth, but not be cruel. You owe it to the person to explain why. If you think about a time an ex of yours broke up with you, did you ever get clarity about exactly why they broke up with you? Chances are, probably not, so make sure you’re straight-forward with them, but don’t list every last annoyance.

Another important thing is to make sure this is what you want to do. If you decide to give it a second chance after the deed has been done, that makes the situation messy and stressful.

Well, guess what? Grant decided to get back with Jack.

To be fair, Jack surprised Grant with a romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, Grant said he was missing him, for the three days they were broken up.

He said they’re going to take things slower and Jack promised to not be so possessive with Grant and will give him some breathing room.

I hope they work things out, but I won’t be surprised if Grant comes up and asks me if I think he made the right decision in a few weeks.

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