An affair is never meant to last…even when it’s good

A friend of mine, “Kara,” recently confided in me she hooked up with a friend of ours, “Conner,” who is in a relationship, over a year ago, multiple times.

It had started off as a simple, drunken mistake. Then after the fifth time, they realized there was no excuse to their tryst.

Conner had been with his girlfriend, “Ella,” for three years. The three of them also would hang out on a regular basis, and Conner and Kara have hooked up together while Ella was in the other room.

Last year in October, Ella was going out of town to visit some family for a week. Conner told Kara and they both requested at their jobs to have the week off and spend every second together.

While having sex, Conner stopped, went to the restroom and stayed in there for what felt like forever to Kara.

She knew what he was feeling: the exact same guilt and confusion she was.

He came back out and told her they needed to stop because he was falling in love with her, but still loved Ella and realized he needs to be with her.

Kara broke down crying and told him she knew he was right and that she already fell in love with him. She grabbed her stuff and went home.

I couldn’t help but wonder: How could they think this affair would work out?

According to Oprah Magazine, one of the many reasons people cheat is because they crave variety and then act on it — which makes sense because Ella is a very poised, sophisticated woman while Kara is very free and artistic.

Having sexual fantasies and desires are normal for any relationship, but when one jumps on an opportunity is when they become a bad person.

Conner is still with Ella, but Ella still has no clue of the situation. Kara and Conner are barely starting to talk again but keep a distance toward each other and only converse face-to-face.

Kara told me she will always love him, and that it was the best sex she ever had, but she promised me she would never be the other woman again. She said she wanted to become a better person from this experience.

New year, new you?

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