Campus life returns for fall

Del Mar clubs got a chance to recruit students during Rush Week at Heritage and Windward campuses. Clubs offer the chance for students to make community on campus.

Each Registered Student Organization, or RSO, does and on- and off-campus service project to help support other Del Mar students and the surrounding community. Clubs must do a minimum of two services activities but can do as many as they like.

“Last semester we picked up all the trash behind the public library, then we held a picnic afterwards,” said art association student Sid Dominguez. “This semester we’re looking to do the same thing.”

To create an RSO there must be a minimum of 12 members and the club must have officers. Officers must sit through workshops to learn the rules of leading a club.

Clubs that are able to recruit the minimum amount of students at Rush Week become an RSO and can receive money from the school to fund student activities. Students get the chance to choose what they want to do in the club. Some choose on-campus activities and others do competitions to allow students a chance to win awards.

“We are going to try to help put art out into the community,” art association student Isaac Cantu said. “One of our goals is to set up workshops to teach students how to create new stuff.”

There are three types of Registered Student Organizations: departmental, special interest and honorary. Some of the clubs offered during Rush Week were Safe Space, Salt, Student Art Association, Intramurals and Press Club.

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