Enjoy spring break without going broke

Corpus Christi locals know that during spring break there could be a lot of beach activity and out-of-town visitors. But how does a Del Mar student go out and catch a break without wasting money?

Money is the first thing to consider when going out during spring break. If one drives a vehicle, that’s gas out of your pocket or if you hitch a ride with a friend. Aside from that, there must be something do to.

Fortunately, Corpus Christi offers some free and low-cost activities to its locals. 

The Art Museum of South Texas is hosting its “Exhibition Opening: Blow Up II Inflatable Contemporary Art,” which is its newest exhibit. 

This event took five years to make happen including 10 different artists from around the U.S. 

This event will be temporary and Del Mar College students who show their Del Mar ID at the door will get free access. 

The museum asks visitors to resist the urge to jump on the inflatables.

Downtown Mesquite St. Pizza Comedy Night will have free comedy night.

Pop in to visit local and surrounding comedians on Thursday, March 16 from 9 p.m. to 11pm. $10  large two topping pizza.

Everyone’s local favorite, Wendell Williams, leads off every Thursday for comedy night.

It’s encouraged if you have a one-liner or few jokes in mind, feel free to sign up at the host station prior to the start of the night. The mic will be open to anyone who wants to tell a joke or two. 

For more info visit mesquitestreet.com/home website for further details.

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