DMC Counseling Center partners with Purple Door for Denim Day

On April 24, Del Mar College hosted Denim Day at the Heritage Campus in observance of Sexual Assault History Month.

Members of the Del Mar Counseling Center staff, as well as representatives from Purple Door and the American Association of University Women, were present at the event.

DMC students, faculty and staff were encouraged to wear denim and write encouraging messages on blank denim jeans set up on tables at the event to be donated to survivors of sexual assault. 

“Denim Day highlights breaking the stigma related to victim blaming and destructive myths surrounding sexual violence,” said Lisa Olmos, a Licensed Professional Counselor with DMC Counseling Center. “Del Mar College’s Counseling Center hosts this event every year to show support for survivors, bring awareness to the community, provide resources, and let people know they are not alone.”

Around the world, the last Wednesday of April is recognized as Denim Day, and 2024 marks 25 years of its observance. 

Denim Day began after an Italian Supreme Court ruling overturned a rape conviction in 1998. The justices felt that the victim had to have consented because she was wearing tight jeans and must have helped her assailant remove them. The next day, multiple women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans to work in solidarity.

Wearing jeans or denim clothing during Denim Day signifies solidarity against rape as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month which is recognized across the world due to that case.

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