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As a photographer for the Foghorn, and my high school publications before it, I see the news in a different way than simply reading a paper or watching thirty minutes of television a night.  I see news as it happens, through the lens of a camera.

So for this school year, I’ll be sharing photos and some commentary about them here in this blog, as well as sharing a few tidbits about what goes into taking a great photo.  They’ll all be photos I’ve taken in the line of duty for the Foghorn, or in leisure time, and I’ll try to pick out only the best.  You can definitely expect to see some behind the scenes shots, the kind that don’t make the paper.  Hopefully we’ll get some interesting discussions going in the comments now and again also.  So check back soon for my first entry in my year-long photo essay of my life behind the lens for the Foghorn.

Looking forward to the year ahead,

Sam Parris / Chief Photographer


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