Yes ladies its about that time to discuss THIS!

What to Wear UNDER THERE..

I know its a sensitive subject, but we all need to know what’s essential and what’s not. So listen up ladies for a list of nesscessities.

  • Low-rise brief- it should hug right under your butt for a smooth line under clothes
  • Low-rise thong- some thongs are very uncomfortable , so shop around and find the best fit for you.
  • S.L.S (sexy little something)- match these to your S.L.B.
  • Plus other favs- boyshorts, black sheer pantyhose, and a silky half/ slip
  • Convertible bra- can be worn strapless, racer-back or haltertop; a must for bare looks
  • Everyday or t-shirt bra- molded cup, soft cup, seamless, stretch and demi are all good option
  • S.L.B. (sexy little bra)- the aphrodiasic of your collection
  • Minimizing or Enhancing bra- go down or up a cupsize with one of these, but for all bigchested sisters out there we can wear pushups too! 🙂

NOW I know its not easy finding the right bra so here we go ladies!!

How to tell a bra really fits…

*You’ve been measured by a pro (try Victoria’s Secret , Lane Bryant and even JC Penny,,, and yesss I said JC PENNY!!!)

*It doesn’t  move when you make circles

*Your girls look perky not saggy

*Your posture changes in a good way

*Your pretty much unaware of it all day

If it doesn’t fit

*You assumed that you’re a 36c , that a 36b could fit

*Your underwire cut into your chest at the slides, instead of cupping your girls

*The cups crinkle or gap

In the words of Alexander McQueen” Don’t wear lacy underwear peeping over the waistband of a pair of jeans ; it’s not a good look.”

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I will try my best to get back to you with more details .

<3 bbeautyyy






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