Its all about the jeans!

Whether its Apple Bottoms or  Miss Me‘s , jeans have been trendsetting their way into fashion. You can find all patterns and accents to compliment your rear area , but  personally I think I have a harder time finding the right fit that accentuates my best feature lol Well i hope it is. So here are some essential tips and fits that helped me make the jean finding game a lot easier.

Pear Shaped Body- choose a low-rise , flat-front boot cut pant . *buy to fit your hips! Remember, the waist line can be taken in by your b.f.f.(a tailor)  so don’t  worry if its a size bigger , that does not mean you gained weight , you just got a bigger butt than you thought.

Curvy Body- On the hips make sure your jean has a flat -front with subtle flarred cuffs, only if your proportioned and tallish, if not a straight leg or subtle boot cut is fine. But, make sure the jean is not tapered or flarred.

*please stay away from pleated patterns or ankle tappered pants it doesn’t flatter the body as much as you think.

Boy-shaped Body-skinny or flared jean is fine; recommended *low-waist or high-waist paint is always flattering but don’t meet somewhere in the middle stick to one fit.

*don’t indulge in a very full or baggy pant its not that pretty

Petite Body- depending on your hips, a low-waisted or high-waisted jean can accentuate this shape . If you do try to incorporate a boot cut jean, make sure its subtle and that it hits the middle of your bare heel.

*Beware the wide or cuffed bottoms .It makes us short girls look like we’re drowning in our jeans.

Busty Body- subtle flare and low-waisted jeans are the best look.

*Extremely skinny or full pants makes you look unproportioned so stay far far away! It’s a major No! No!

Blue Jean 101:

  •  Prepare yourself to try on at least six pairs of jeans , each brand fits and looks different . * Remember brand sizes tend to run 1 to 2 sizes smaller than average.
  • Bend over squat and check out your rear in the mirror before you buy.

No matter what body type a subtle, dark,boot-cut jean is the most flattering on all body types!

Favorite Jean Picks @ Delmar

Emily Bell reccommends Miss Me Boot cut Jeans. available online or at your local Buckle Clothing Store, Cavender’s and Dillards Dept Store.

Ashley McBride reccommends Avenue’s tummy control and cigarette style jean. available online or in store @ Avenue.

Melanie Cavazos reccommends Bullhead’s straight leg skinny jean. Bullhead is available online or at your local PacSun clothing store.

Bang for your Buck!!!

This is for the girl on the go , who doesn’t have time to do her make-up. I recommend Hard Candy’s moisturizing tint, it takes less than three minutes to apply and is a light weight moisturizer that hydrates your skin while lightly tinting it to make it appear as if you had nothing on. I absolutely love it , because its only $8 dollars and I can apply it fast, especially in the morning when I’m always in a rush.This product is available at Wal Mart Dept Stores.

In the words of Nannette Lepore”Don’t wear a cropped top with low-waisted paints.”