Local convention attracts stars

Brittni Young/ Staff Writer

Realms Con has been voted Number 1 on the “Top 40 Things To Do In Corpus Christi” and people can see what all the hype is about October 7-9 at the American Bank Center from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., as Realms Con celebrates their seventh convention with thousands of local and out-of-town con-goers.

Realms Con is a convention celebrating Anime, Video Games, Horror, Sci Fi and “We do super heroes” said Realms Con staff member Chrissy Fuentes.

“Realms Con is built for more than just nerds and geeks,“ said John Luttman, CO in charge of volunteer’s states. The staff of the local convention said they have gone above and beyond to ensure everyone has an unforgettable weekend, with back-to-back events to keep all their con-goers happy and busy.

There will be a range of various special guests for fans to meet and Q&A and Reverse Q&A Panels. For the reverse panels, special guests like “The Walking Dead” and “The Fast and the Furious” cast members Noel G. and Vic Mignogna the voice of Edward Elric in the popular anime series “Full Metal Alchemist” will ask the fans questions.

The world music steam punk band Abney Park will also be playing on stage for guests, dressed in their 17th century gothic Victorian attire to set the mood for the Steam Punk Ball that will be taking place after their concert on October 7.

There will be an MLG-style video game tournament hosted by Game Stop and Flexi Compras providing a chance for con-goers to become reigning champ at “Tekken,” “Super Smash Brothers Brawl,” “Capcom” and “Mortal Kombat.”

Special screenings of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “The Crow “will be playing with a Q&A with “The Crow’s” creator James O’Bar. Claire Reeves, Realms Con staff member said, “Realms Con is a good place for parents to be involved with their kids’ interests.”

Organizers said people do not have to be diehard fans of all things Anime or Sci Fi to have a great time with the guests at the oldest and largest anime convention in South Texas.

“People have e-mailed me telling me they have met their best friend or soon to be wife at Realms Con,” said Director Daniel Velasquez.

Organizers said Realms Con has a diverse culture of guests coming through their doors – hundreds more every year – who are all excited to meet the many talented special guests and even find a new talent of their own through the amazing workshops that offer lessons on film, art, animation and much more. There will also be a fashion show on the last day of Realms Con.

The Anime convention also prepares guests for Halloween with their ghoulish haunted house. The Realms Con night scene is will bring the 7th Annual Rave with performers and a DJ and guests dancing to hypnotic lights and glow sticks.

Realms Con organizers said they understand the daily stress of college, children, nagging bosses and Head of Guest Security John Walat said this is the “perfect place to get away from reality for three days.”



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