Quick Beauty Trends Spring 2012


Women, ladies, girls , females and sisters , we all have a reputation to protect and that reputation is our skin! Whether we cover it up with make-up or gunk on the that thick avocado mask, we put something on our face. I believe we should treat our face like a canvas and act like an artist when applying any kind of facial product (foundation, mask, cleanser,and etc.) That means have fun with it! So if your an artist , you need to make sure you act like it too! Don’t hesitate to try something new or different, because this season different is in!

Here are a Few Beauty Trends For Spring 2011

  • 60’s inspired Cat eyes — (Example :Amy Winehouse,Kreyshawn)
  • Statement hair-color-(Example:Katy Perry’s California girl wig)
  • red lipstick- wear the red lipstick that matches your skin hue best.
  • bangs- make sure the cut is suitable to your face shape.
  • artsy – decals- these fun shapes can be applied anywhere you feel is necessary but the trend is sticking to eyes and brows.
  • retro hair- have fun with your hair get inspired from another decade (Example: 50’s, 60’s ,70’s and 80’s ) 
  • pixie cuts- (Example: Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan)
  • silvery eye make-up- apply as much as you want  
  • sun-kissed skin- whether its fake n baking or sitting out in the sun with your favorite . spf
  • strong eyebrows – brows with definition , not those chola penciled in confections





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