Bookstore under new management


Kelsey Heatley /Associate Editor

The Del Mar Bookstore in the Harvin Center is under new management. The bookstore went under new management on March 19th 2011 and is managed by TBC. Book storeowner Mark Ruiz, has high expectations for the bookstore under new management.

“We aim to provide students with new Del Mar Spirit items, a broader selection of electronics and convenience items as well as working to provide each student with the overall lowest cost on textbooks,” Ruiz said.

The Texas bookstore began operations August 1975, in Greenville, Texas. Originally offering used books to small colleges and universities. “ We have grown to be one of the largest wholesale textbook companies in the United States, working with thousands of college bookstores in all 50 states,” Ruiz said.

The bookstore will still have a variety of ways for students to receive their textbooks new, used, rental, and eBooks. “Students will now have the opportunity to charge their books on their financial aid, as well as the option to reserve them before classes start in order to get the most amount of used books possible,” Ruiz said.

The best option for students deciding on purchasing books would be to buy used and sell back or by rental according to Ruiz. “ Buying used and selling back to the store is always the best option, but rental can be the cheapest initial out pocket option,” Ruiz said.

Students will have a selection of many items from the Del Mar Bookstore. “We want to give great service, great selection of used books and a great selection of what they need. We want to hear from the student on what extra special items they would like to see us carry, ”Ruiz said.

The Del Mar Bookstore will still offer a selection of other supplies besides books. “ We will offer a wide variety of clothing’s and gifts, snacks, beverages, school supplies, trade and reference books as well as electronics, computers, e-readers, and more,” Ruiz said.

Students who purchase books can expect to get above and beyond service from the Del Mar Bookstore. “ We do not look to throw others under the bus, but we strive to get to know our faculty and listen to our students in order to provide the products and services they desire. Not just at back to school times, but the whole year round,” Ruiz said.




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