A woman’s choice to obtain birth control

Illustration by Danny Meza

The current Republican candidates have the intention of repealing the health care reform law, which could make womens access to birth control expensive or impossible to receive.

This plan is causing a religious fight over birth control when it’s more so a fight over womens rights.
Birth control is an option that should be a choice to all women because it’s a personal choice.
One argument is that birth control is denying children that are apart of “God’s will”.

Hospitals that are Christian or Catholic based should not deny women birth control due to religious reasons, because their one and only focus should be to aid to the health of the community.
Just because a hospital is based on a certain religion doesn’t mean that everyone who comes into the hospital as a patient or employee should be denied birth control when it’s for health purposes.

What type of health insurance does the Christian or Catholic based hospitals offer to their employees now? Is it fair to get health insurance that doesn’t include birth control?
Birth control is apart of a woman’s health and has more benefits not only on a woman, but also to problems within our society.
According to Dawn Stacey M. Ed, more than 80% of U.S women will use hormonal contraception sometime during their reproductive years.
A stereotype that comes to mind for birth control is that most women use it to prevent pregnancy, which isn’t true.

Birth control can be used for a variety of reasons that include basic cycle regulation and reducing menstrual cramps.
Birth control can also help reduce the risk of symptomatic endometriosis, helps prevent osteoporosis, and most of all does not affect the overall future of a woman’s fertility.

This plan that the administration is trying to put in effect should have already been apart of basic health care. Birth control should have nothing to do with religion, but instead the right of whatever the woman chooses to do with her body.

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