Who’s rhyme is it anyway

Devin Tyler / Staff Writer

Who’ rhyme is it comes to DMC

Del mar college’s Catholic Newman Association is bringing

Hip hop entertaining group “Who’s Rhyme Is It Anyways” on April 19th at 11 a.m. in the Harvin Center.

The Catholic Newman Association is a student organization with a Catholic focus that is lead by president and addiction studies major Issac Nolte. Catholic Newman Association organized this free event to offer students positive entertainment and enjoyment.

“We are bringing this event to offer some fun, positive entertainment to our fellow students at Del Mar College. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for their support of our club and its projects” said Nolte.

Who’s Rhyme is it anyways is a small group of hip hop artist/entertainers who combine their lyrical talent with the “Who’s Line Is It Anyways” type format. The show involves a lot of audience interaction and participation .

The show consist of five hip hop artist by the names of Playdough, Manchild, Heath McNease, and recently added members Red Cloud and CookBook. Each member is a freestyle artist who has his own style and their own musical background that combine with the energy of their audience and the format of the event to provide the “Who’s Rhyme Is It Anyways” experience.

The Catholic Newman Association is bring the event to prove a clean source of entertainment for students aside from their daily studies.
“Hopefully students will have a good time! This event will present a good and clean afternoon of entertainment.  I personally am a fan of all 3 artists performing on this tour. Playdough, especially. He’s easily my favorite rapper right now. Heath McNease and Red Cloud are really dope, too.”  Nolte said .

To learn more information on “Who’s Rhyme Is It Anyways”  visit their website http://whoserhymeisitanyway.com/ .

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