DMC Concert Band hosts the Good Friday Surprise Showcase

Raul Alonzo/Staff Writer

The walls of the Richardson Performance Hall will rattle Friday night April 6th, as seven bands take the stage in the Good Friday Surprise Showcase, organized by the DMC Concert Band. The bands range from alternative rock to punk.

Dr. Darrell Brown Director of the Concert Band said that past Battle of the Bands shows were held at the House of Rock. This will be the first time that a show like this, which serves as a fund raising event for the Music Department, will be held on campus.

“I have a beautiful relationship with the guys at the Richardson and since this is by the DMC for DMC – with many of the bands having DMC students and alumni – it is a good student event. Also, they support the department and that is the real reason for the ability to hold such an event here,” Brown said.

Del Mar student bands include Peace and Quiet, Steadfast and At My Signal. Bands participating will play a set of around 30 minutes with their performance recorded for their use. Other groups include Days Pass, Cupid’s Victim, Shiva Create and Sistine Ceiling. Given the nature of the music will not be required to stay in their seats during performances.

Access to the show will be $8 at the door with proceeds going to support the Del Mar College Music Department. If this event proves to be a successful one, then there is hope that similar shows will be held on campus in the future with more local artists invited to perform, according to Brown.

“The DMC Music Department is a microcosm of the fine arts everywhere. If we cannot support them on this level, why would anybody be surprised when a symphony folds and goes out of business? We – the community – need to decide if we care about the arts and support them if we do or let them die if we don’t. It is our responsibility,” Dr. Brown said.

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