Game On: Basketball shootout kicks off Intramurals season


Devin Tyler / Staff writer

The Del Mar Intramurals season has finally begun as of Jan. 28. The Spring 2013 season calendar has been released and the turnout for the first two events have been successful.
“The 3-Point & Free Throw Shootout was very promising, but we’re going to pick up even more momentum throughout this prosperous season,” said newly hired Intramural Director Ryan Murphy.
The two events marked the beginning for the 2013 Spring Intramural season with the 100 Mile Challenge for all students – an ongoing event until April 24.
The event challenges students to get active by reaching a milestone of 100 miles of cardio exercise by the end of the semester. Students who participate can choose to walk, jog, run, bike or swim to reach their 100 mile mark.
Mileage is recorded in equivalence of 1 mile of jogging and walking, 3 miles on a bike equaling 1 mile, one-fourth mile swim equaling 1 mile and 2000 steps walking also coming out to 1 mile. Participants will log their mileage weekly with a chart in the Intramural Sports Office. It is an ongoing event so any students can participate until the deadline.
The last event for the month of January was the 3-Point and Free Throw Shootout held on January 31 in the gymnasium.
With basketball being one of the more popular sports for the past DMC Intramural seasons, the turnout was a success with more than students participating in the event.
Last semester’s winner was Culinary Arts major, Dwight Rives, who was looking to continue his shootout streak for this season.
“I did this last year and I won. I enjoy playing basketball and especially enjoy my skill set in shots,” said Rives.
With plenty of friendly competition during the event, everyone was looking to take over the title of 3-point champion.
Nursing major, Tri Dang, was hoping that his shots would not only win the competition but also beat Rives in particular.
“I enjoy the sport of basketball, and it was a good opportunity to have fun with my fellow colleagues,” Dang said.
I really just wanted to beat Dwight, and with my shooting score higher than his, I accomplished it.”
The overall winner of the event will be announced next week, as the scores will be tallied up in the upcoming days. Most students who participated in the 3-point shootout also were involved in the free throw competition.
Each participant in this event also made over 40 percent of their free throws but nowhere close to the 63 straight free throws made by DMC Intramural Weekend Supervisor Richard Stillman in the 1980s. He currently holds the Intramural record for the most consecutive free throws made.
After the event, all participants and other non-participating students ran 5-on-5 pickup games with Murphy.
This is just one way Murphy stays involved with the students, along with making their Intramural season as enjoyable as possible.
“I hope to further develop relationships with my colleagues and those around campus while working hard to make this a better school for our students,” said Murphy.
There are four upcoming events on the Intramural seasonal calendar for the month of February. The four events include a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, Basketball League, Valentine’s Day “Love to Run” 5K, and a Dominoes Tournament.
The Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament will begin in the at 11:30 a.m. in the Harvin Student Center, Feb. 6. The sign up deadline for the event will be 30 minutes before tournament starts.
The Dominoes Tournament will be the last event for the month of February. It weld be held on February 27 at 11:30 a.m. in the Harvin Center and the sign up deadline will be 15 minutes before the event begins.
The Basketball League begins on Feb. 11 in the Gymnasium with a time yet to be announced. The deadline to sign up is Feb. 6 at 5 p.m. and a captain’s meeting will be held the day after at 3 p.m.
If students want to participate in the event but do not have a team, or need players for their team, the idea of a free agent pool is being worked on by Murphy to give every student a chance to play.
This would allow students to be assigned a team if needed or be given players to fulfill their team roster, which is a new plan Murphy is incorporating into intramurals to make sure every student has their opportunity to enjoy the event.
The championship for the tournament will be held on March 7 with a set time to be determined.
On Feb. 14, a 5K Valentine’s Day Love Run will be held at the DMC Running Track. The event will begin at 3 p.m. and the sign up deadline will be Feb. 13 at 5 p.m.
With 11 more events left after February, there will be an abundant amount of activities in which all students can participate for the Spring 2013 semester.
For more information about any of the previously mentioned or upcoming activities for the intramural season visit, or contact Murphy at (361) -698-1336 or



There were up to 19 participants total, not including a few that apparently did not sign in or report their scores.

The winners are as follows:

3 point Champion – Daniel Garcia II (15/25) three pointers made

Co Free-throw Champions – Desiree Stewart and Lindsey Mahone (9/10) free throws made


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