Halloween showing of ‘Halloween’

Ian Bomba / Reporter


For all campus fans of horror movies, there will be a showing of the original “Halloween” at 2 p.m. Thursday in the White Library, Room 530.

The showing will be presented by Veronica Pantoja, assistant professor of English, as part of the library’s Curricular Enrichment Film Series. Pantoja, a self-described “avid zombie and horror enthusiast,” teaches a 1302 themed English class based around the horror genre, called “Vampires, Monsters and Madmen.”

This will be the fourth year doing a movie showing on Halloween night. Previous films include “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the English and Spanish versions of Bela Lugosi’s iconic “Dracula,” and “Evil Dead 2.”

This year marks the 35th anniversary of director John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” Many are unaware that he also composed the unforgettable music in the movie.

Pantoja said some of the things that make “Halloween” one of her favorite horror flicks include the “randomness of the violence” and that “he’s completely silent the whole film, he never says a word; there’s no rationalizing with the white mask.”

If you’ve never seen the original “Halloween,” it’s definitely worth checking out. Costumes are encouraged.

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