Many turn to games to relieve stress

Gaming great way
to meet people,
escape reality

Jonathan GarciaReporter

Studying for finals and finishing assignments can be stressful for students. So what do those at Del Mar do to relax? Many turn on their gaming console and just unwind with their favorite game.

“It’s a big stress reliever and it’s really great to get attached to these characters,” said liberal arts major Abigail Perez, 18.

Many gamers have a genre they are into that appeals to their taste, including computer science major Paul Verdin, 20, who is into fighting games.

“Fighting games are cool because I am an action guy and it’s cool to control the action and gets tricky over time with the moves you learn,” Verdin said.

Liberal arts major Matthew Meza, 18, likes role-playing games, but when he’s with a group of friends and family he plays first-person shooters.

“I love a good story but when I’m with my friends I play first-person shooters because it’s a party game,” Meza said.

The Playstation 4 and the Xbox One have both hit shelves and already have gamers talking.

Journalism major Cody Bahn, 24, is interested in the Xbox One for its upcoming exclusive games.

“I like more of their exclusive games and all the games I’d play on the PS4 are on both systems,” Bahn said.

Meza also is interested in the Xbox One for the games but also hasn’t trusted Sony for its online play.

“Sony hasn’t been reliable for its online and I can’t wait to play these launch games, especially ‘Dead Rising 3,’ ” he said.

Perez said the PS4 earned her interest with its first announcement.

“I’d like the PS4 because it’s cheaper and it is made more for the gamers,” Perez said.

Verdin also is interested in the PS4 because “I’ve been playing Sony consoles all my life.” He said he feels his trust is well-placed with Sony.

Programming major Eric Smith, 19, is more interested in PC gaming despite the new consoles coming out.

“I’m a PC guy because I can use mods and I can upgrade my hardware as I please,” Smith said.

Gaming is a great escape from reality and is great entertainment for some when they finish a hard day’s work.

“It helps me unwind after a long week,” Bahn said. “I sit back with a beer and play games. It’s relaxing.”

It’s also a great way to meet new people and occasionally get competitive in online matches.

“I have fun playing with my friends playing ‘League of Legends’ and you get to meet cool and interesting people and say, ‘You will kneel before me son of God’ when you’re in competing against each other,“ Smith said.

Gaming is a big part of some people’s life and it’s a very popular pastime among students and people all around the world, and the legacy will live on.

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