When friends become family, great things become possible

Cody BahnEditor-in-chief

When I started this paper, I had almost nothing. I was sleeping in my car and crashing on different couches. This office quickly became my home and the paper, my family.

I have been around this paper for far too long and I have had the honor of being editor-in-chief for half of that time. I’ve seen a lot of faces come and go. The people I have worked with are family. I care about them and this paper. I’ve tried to make this as respectable of a paper as I could.

So here goes the really mushy stuff. Robert Muilenburg has earned every bit of my respect. He has helped me through a lot, from stories to personal crisis. He hasn’t just been my adviser, but a friend. “Everybody thinks I have father issues.” — Muilenburg

Scott Beckett began working as the publications assistant this semester and has already become a part of the gang. He has made this place a little less hostile and I can tell he will get along great with everyone. “When you guys learn AP style, then I’ll get you shirts.” — Beckett

Eddie Puente, my old editor-in-chief, has been an amazing help for a lot of things. He was my boss first and later my associate editor. He has always been willing to do what he needed to get the paper out on time and laid the groundwork for the paper we have now. “My name is ‘Eddie Sin Nombre.’” — Puente

Raul Alonzo may have started after me, but he has become a true friend. I know I can turn to him for help and advice, even though he can be a jerk occasionally. “I will murder your family.” — Alonzo

Tera Elwell is brand new to the staff, but this semester she was always there. From early-morning assignments to late-night work she has always answered and did what she had to do. She even played along with our list of Tera puns, which is a Tera-ble list. “There is too much work.” — Elwell

Midori Allen is another newcomer and is always ready to help. Her personality has made this office a little bit more cheery. “My grandpa is the greatest texter. He puts spaces between every word.” — Allen

Kaliegh Benck, the third newcomer to the staff, walked in having no experience but learned everything she could. She was willing to try any assignment, even going to a boxing match I’m fairly certain she didn’t care for. “He threw a condom at me. College is weird.” — Benck

Those are just the people around. For all the people who are still here and who have left, you have been just as much a part of my family. I hope I get to work with you all again. Just so Kelsey Heatley doesn’t murder me, I will mention her.

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