How do you feel about allowing guns on campus?

Guns on Campus?
Guns on Campus?
We asked a few of the Del Mar College students about how they would feel if guns were allowed on campus. These were there answers.
        Justin Sotomayor
     Business administrator major
     “Guns on Campus is a horrible idea! In the event of a panic situation, no one is thinking straight.”


         Paul Gonzalez
       Electrical engineering major

    “People will bring guns illegally. At least this way the people who are trained will be the ones carrying them.”



Jada DeDoner
     Jada DeDonder
     Sociology major
    “It scares me that we could have guns on campus. It’s an accident waiting to happen. Why would you feel                           unsafe coming to school? If you do not feel safe without a gun then maybe we should take other precautions
     to make the campus a safer place.”


       Justin Fierova
     Atmospheric science major

   “Everyone should have the right to own a gun but keep them in the car, not the classroom.”

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