5K run around campus

The 5K Fun Run that took place in front of the gym on Tuesday had few participants but high spirits. Intramural workers cheered racers on as they ran. The race involved going around the out- side edge of the campus twice in order to reach the distance of 5 kilometers.

5K_2Photos by Colby Farr/Foghorn

Angel Gonzales finished in first place ahead of the other racers.

Angel Gonzales was the first to finish with the time, 21:05. Aaron Enriquez finished second with the time 23:21. Kristy Urbick finished third with 25:25. Laura Flores finished fourth with the time 44:36.


Angel Gonzales, Aaron Enriquez, Sara Torres and other racers start the 5K from in front of the Kinesiology Building.

Other racers participated in the race but did not finish. All participants received a t-shirt for their donation of canned goods and their effort in the race.

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