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The Del Mar College Foundation hosted a Leap Year Launch Luncheon for its new “Share Your Story” website in the Retama Room Feb. 29. Many Del Mar alumni came to tell of their accomplishments.

“This is perfect for us because our alumni and former students have not just stories, but heartfelt warm stories about struggle and triumph,” said Natalie Villarreal, DMC alumni coordinator.

Ronnie-CMYKJonathan Garcia/Foghorn

Ronny Holiday tells his Del Mar story about being part of the football team and having the pleasure of going to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

The idea to launch the website was inspired from the many stories heard and from a college in California that was also doing the “Share Your Story” campaign.

Ronny Holiday, Del Mar College Class of ’60, shared a story of coming to Del Mar af- ter being put on a scholastic withdrawal from the University of Texas.

“I had a full-track scholarship to the University of Texas,” Holiday said. “I did everything up there but study.” He then went to Del Mar for his second chance and he felt right at home and even made a huge success with the former Del Mar College football team. “At 19, when I got there after two-a-day practice, we all had a meeting saying it was not an option, we were going to play in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and by the grace of god we did it,” Holiday said.

Since the launch of the website, many people have shared their stories from Del Mar including Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin.

“I really wanted to go into law enforcement, but entry level opportunities were so limited and the work was not steady,” Kaelin said. “I decided to enroll in DMC’s Police Science program using my GI Bill benefits, and I graduated with an AAS in that field.”

Kaelin graduated in 1972 and his degree led to his employment with the Texas Department of Public Safety. He served for 29 years then eventually becoming Nueces County’s sheriff.

“Without my degree from DMC, I have no idea where I would be today,” Kaelin said.

Former DMC Board of Regents member Chris Adler’s love for her school and the community helped her term.

“I really love Del Mar and the college community,” Adler said. “That is why I served on the DMC Board of Regents for 11 years.”

Adler also played some golf during her time at Del Mar College.

“One of the classes I took at Del Mar was golf, and I haven’t golfed since!” Adler said.

Although her golf skills left, her love for Del Mar College and the community stayed with her making her who she is today.

If you have a story to share of your Del Mar experiences, go to or send your “voyages” to

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