Candidates’ antics affect registered voters’ decisions

Ronald Reagan lived by a philosophy that many Republicans live by, “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” Though if you were to tune into a national news station like Fox News, CNN or ABC that are covering the election, on the Republican side it does not seem that they follow Reagan’s philosophy, even though they claim to follow his ideology on how to run the country like the way he dealt with the economy.

Many people look at their TVs and think that this election season is a political circus with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, who claims to be the only adult in the race. On the Republican side it may be a circus but this allows the voters to understand the candidate more through their decisions, whether their plans follow the conservative value. This opens doors for the voters to better understand the person they are considering to vote for in the primaries and hopefully in the election in November.

Does the political circus hinder the voter turnout? It depends on where you look at it.

Researchers say there is a low voter turnout rate among Democrats; however, on the Republican side it’s a different picture. Whenever the primaries are going on in each state the line to vote for Republicans is much longer than the Democrats line. The reason is that there are more choices on the Republican side than the Democrats.

Although many students are driven toward Bernie Sanders because of “free” tuition or other reasons, they are not fully aware where this money is coming from. There is a point where we have to stop taxing the rich. The United States cannot depend on taxing the rich all the time.

Hilary Clinton has the ghost of Benghazi on her shoulders, along with those confidential emails. Regardless of those factors, people are continuing to vote for her even though many Americans seem to not trust her.

Trump is running high numbers in his polls but with his actions and words of choice are often in question if he is a true conservative. Cruz, the Texas senator, has many great ideas to help America but is he really just like all the other politicians who make false promises?

Rubio, a senator from Florida, is a man who seems to do what he promises, but will he be able to build himself up to take on Washington and actually be there, unlike his voting record in the Senate?

And finally Kasich, the only governor left standing in the poll, has done wonderful things for Ohio, but would that translate well to the rest of America?

It seems like no matter what the Republicans are going to take back Washington and change America for the better, hopefully.

After eight long years of Democrats running the White House it is time to paint Washington red again. Whether we value a businessman to run that country, two senators who are both of Hispanic descent who understand immigration, the border and foreign affairs, or we value a governor who understand how to get things done for their people, one of them is the right choice. Would America decline if another Democrat is elected? Would we as a nation be able to trust Clinton or Sanders?

The only way to gain knowledge of the candidates is to go on their website and read up on their plans but also listen to the debates. The only way America can change is if you voice your vote. Don’t complain about the stability of the United States if you don’t vote for the person you want to see in the White House. In the end, every vote counts.

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