Harvin Center gets new look, better vibe

Student Affairs budgeted $125,000 for revamp, to be done by spring
Travis Pettis
Students may have noticed that the Harvin Center looks different this fall.
After almost a decade of looking the same the first floor of the Harvin Center on Del Mar’s East Campus was redesigned and painted over the summer. Student Affairs was given the go-ahead to start planning the new look for the center. Christopher Hernandez, administrative assistant to the associate vice president of Student Affairs, was given the task of the redesign.
“We wanted to give it a face-lift, to not only lift campus pride but to show the students this is for them and this is their space,” Hernandez said.
“It looks a lot more sleeker and well designed … and has a better vibe to it.”
-student, Miles Lanzener
Student affairs was budgeted $125,000 for the design, Hernandez said.
“We replaced everything,” Hernandez said. “Nothing was spared. Every item we previously had had already gone through its life cycle and we needed to get it out of here. The chairs were uncomfortable and the tables were unsightly.”
The second floor of the Harvin Center will also be seeing similar changes in the near future, Hernandez said.
Students relax in the new sleeker booths in the Harvin Center while they break in between classes.
Students relax in the new sleeker booths in the Harvin Center while they break in between classes. (Michelle Mirelez/Foghorn)
“We are almost done with the planning phase of the second floor,” Hernandez said. “We are hoping for a finish date of the second floor, which would be the entire building by the end of the semester.”
When coming up with designs he had a specific idea of what he wanted.
“We came up with something light and airy,” Hernandez said. “We wanted something that looked modern, something that’s timeless and something that overall just looks great and I think we achieved that.”
The hope is that the redesign will bring more people to come into the Harvin Center, which will also bring more business to the dining facility.
“We love the new design of the Harvin Center,” Director of Dining Services Leon Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said the Harvin Center looks brand new and he hopes that it leads more people to staying longer and eating on campus.
Students have also liked the new changes.
“It looks a lot more sleeker and well designed,” student Miles Lanszener said. “It just looks better and has a better vibe to it.”

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