Playstation Now best cloud gaming service so far

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released a streaming service platform called PlayStation Now on Microsoft Windows devices.

PlayStation Now is a cloud computing service where customers can play PlayStation 3 games via subscription. About 400 titles are available including new titles being added every month.

Sony originally announced the platform at Consumer Electronic Show 2014. Along with the announcement, they revealed “PS Now” is powered by cloud gaming service Gaikai. It has been in beta since 2014 and recently had a full release.

Like Netflix, customers are required to have a strong Internet connection.

I tested out my connection through PS Now’s seven-day trial. It surprisingly worked great while playing “Mafia Two.” However, I noticed the game either froze or in-game music slowing down when the connection suddenly drops.

Gameplay is smooth and does not show any frame rate problems.

I tried out similar cloud gaming services and none were perfect like PS Now. Most games would not run well or were plagued with horrible connection issues. Thankfully, Sony fixed those issues by having a stable platform.

However, PS Now is plagued with minor issues.

It has no search function. A simple search engine does not exist on the PS Now PC version, but does on all PlayStation devices. Imagine scrolling through hundreds of titles and still not finding the specific title.

Another problem is no games from previous PlayStation platforms.

So far, customers can only play certain games from the PlayStation 3 library. It would be great if PlayStation 1 and 2 titles were also on PS Now. Sony hinted it will add legacy systems down the road.

PlayStation Now is a wonderful service for non-console games without spending money on gaming devices. There are more than 400 titles to choose from such as “Uncharted,” “The Last of Us” and “God of War.” I highly recommend it for those who missed out PlayStation devices.

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