Sex educator hits DMC for Title IX talk

Del Mar College held a Title IX Awareness event Oct. 10 in the Retama Room on East Campus. The session, hosted by sexologist Justine Shuey, addressed the importance of communication in relationships, sexual pleasures with a significant other, and how to help a victim of rape.

“Intimacy is all about the experience of emotional closeness to another human being and having that feeling returned,” said Shuey, a sexuality educator certified with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Shuey also gives advice to couples who seem to lack communication. She uses the “SHARE” method — Safety, Honesty, Acceptance, Respect and Enjoyment — for healthy relationships. She said her best advice for sexual pleasures is to tell your partner what you like and be open with your emotions.

Shuey also talked about rape, which has been a problem on some college campuses around the country.

“Fifty-seven percent of college students have trouble identifying dating violence,” Shuey said.

Victims of rape who choose to seek even non-professional help are taking a big step. Shuey advised to never deny the victim, ask what next step he/she might like to do, and in certain circumstances to make sure to let the victim know you will be reaching out to authorities.

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