A taste of Europe, on West Campus

Students prepare pies, tarts and more for grade in class

An intoxicating aroma welcomed guests to the European-themed tea party, hosted by Del Mar’s Pies and Tarts class.

Those at the Nov. 22 party on West Campus were treated to a quick tour around Europe, which featured all kinds of foods from countries such as England, Rome and Italy.

Claudia Hurt teaches the class that prepared the food and the party.

“I cannot explain how proud I am of these kids,” Hurt said.

The tea party is a form of final for the students in the class. It helps them to get real experience when cooking and serving real guests.

Sunny Jang, a student in the class, was proud of the work that she had put into not only into the tea party but the class.

“It was really hard work. It took two weeks to prepare everything. We made it from scratch,” Jang said. “Today this was more than home, this was Europe.”

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