Comments and likes don’t portray reality

As social media ingrained itself into the lives of millions of people it created an environment for self-doubt, envy and egomaniacs. 

People flock to the pages and scroll through feeds of others to get a glimpse into their lives. They compare their lives and many find theirs lacking. Girls post an abundance of selfies to garner comments and likes because somehow posting selfies has become the way to validate one’s looks or self-worth. 

Social media should not be an avenue used to compare your life with another. It shouldn’t be a place where we need to gain validation or confidence. Yet, it continues to be those things. 

According to, teens who spend five hours a day on their phone are twice as likely to suffer from depression. Another study found that young, single females are the largest group addicted to social media.

“Addictive social media behavior was also strongly related to narcissistic personality traits and low self-esteem,” the study said. 

There is a misconception that what is posted is reality. Those photos and posts are not a true representation of a person’s life.  They are only the highlight reel that people feel like sharing. 

An example would be a beautiful photo I took of my children. They are running along a lake on a gorgeous day. The sun, sky and water look perfect. My children are running and look playful and happy. In reality, the kids were fighting and chasing each other.  When they finally caught up to each other, my son had tackled my daughter. It wasn’t the peaceful moment that it appeared to be, but people loved that photo and commented on the beautiful moment.  

As a woman, I find it extremely sad that other women feel the need to post sexy photos of themselves to help their self-esteem. Self-esteem shouldn’t be based on how many likes or comments a photo gets on social media. It should be a something that is based on yourself and your accomplishments in life. 

We cannot compare our lives to others lives on social media. It leads to depression and self-esteem issues. Instead of using social media as a guide on what your life should look like, try making a list of things you’d like to accomplish.

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