Catching, throwing and hitting

Intramurals consisted of flag football, disc golf and indoor baseball at the beginning of April.

Flag football took place over three days with a high turnout, while disc golf and indoor baseball had a smaller showing.

Disc golf had students competing in two groups with six baskets stationed across East Campus.

Indoor baseball had four competitors, which caused the intramural staff to play against them.

Like a close family, the staff members worked well together. They have their leader, Kristy Urbick, their heavy-hitter, Damian Vargas Vasquez, their ace pitcher, Alex Gonzalez, and their wildcard, Hannah Reynolds.

The away team, consisting of kinesiology majors Gabriel Arguijo, Jonathan Ruiz, Luckie Arevalo, OSHA major Ramico Ramos and criminal justice major Gilbert Garza, beat the staff members 37-26.

Students can look forward to volleyball, tennis, pickleball, badminton, spikeball and indoor soccer in the coming weeks.

For more information about intramurals, contact Kristy Urbick at 361-698-1336 or    

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